Team Name
This is your team's visible name within Nexgen. For example, the name of your company or department.

Please use 32 characters at maximum.

Team URL
This is your team’s URL namespace on Nexgen. Within it, your team can inspect their projects, check out any recent activity, or configure settings to their liking.

Please use 48 characters at maximum.

Team Email Domain
Team Avatar
This is your team's avatar.
Click on the avatar to upload a custom one from your files.

An avatar is optional but strongly recommended.

Team ID
This is your team's ID within Nexgen.


Used when interacting with the Nexgen API.

Allow your team to comment on Preview Deployments.

Allow this setting to be overriden on the project level.


Learn more about Comments →
Leave Team
Revoke your access to this Team. Any resources you've added to the Team will remain.

To leave this Team, ensure at least one more Member has the Owner role.

Delete Team
Permanently remove your Team and all of its contents from the Nexgen platform. This action is not reversible — please continue with caution.