Block Storage

Highly performant, highly flexible block storage at your fingertips; attach and go.

Nexgen's Block Storage Services

The speed, reliability, and efficiency of your applications often depend on the underlying storage solutions that power them. Nexgen's Block Storage is engineered to provide highly available and performant storage capacity, suitable for both production and development environments. Tailored to offer granular control and optimized for tasks that require high Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS), our block storage is an ideal choice for databases, application file systems, and more.

What is it?

Traditional storage types like file and object storage have unique limitations. Block storage cuts through these by dividing data into uniformly sized blocks, each manipulated as an individual unit with its own file system. This design makes it extraordinarily effective for read-write operations and applications requiring immediate and secure access to data.

In-Depth Integration Capabilities
Nexgen Block Storage is designed to integrate effortlessly into your existing technology stack. Our RESTful API and management portal enable simple automation and management tasks, making it easy to couple our block storage with Nexgen Machine Instances or other cloud services. Whether you're running applications in Python, Node.js, or using container orchestration systems like Kubernetes, you’ll find that adding Nexgen Block Storage to your architecture is a straightforward process. This ease of integration simplifies your workflow, letting you focus more on business logic and less on infrastructure management.

Use Cases

  • Database Storage: High IOPS performance makes Nexgen Block Storage perfect for SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Application File Systems: Use it as primary storage for your applications, taking advantage of its low-latency characteristics.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Serve dynamic and interactive content efficiently.
  • DevOps: Quickly clone environments and manipulate data in complex workflows, accelerating the software development process.

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